25.07.18 Work-in-progress exhibition at The Exchange Gallery summer 2018

Jubilee Pool Stories will be holding an exhibition of work so far from 4th August to 22nd September at The Exchange Gallery, Penzance. The project has started gathering and recording the lido's stories, photos and memorabilia. 'Jubilee Pool: Then, Now, to Come' will be the first opportunity in a three-year project to look at one of the UK's oldest and largest salt water lidos from new angles and explore its long-standing relationship with the community. Expect a vibrant, multimedia experience as animation, underwater photography, drawing, audio interviews and mini pool installations by schools bring the lido to life alongside work-in-progress by the Jubilee Pool Research Group; citizen-researchers who are uncovering and presenting some of the amazing array of Jubilee Pool-related stories.

Come and listen to newly-recorded oral histories and share your own stories and photographs with us on special community-interaction days. There will also be an opportunity to view stunning aerial footage of the lido and promenade. For more information, visit: http://newlynartgallery.co.uk/activities/jubilee-pool/

Jubilee Pool Exhibition poster