26.03.18 Jubilee Pool Stories Research Group

Since March 2018 our Jubilee Pool Stories Research Group has been meeting to begin to gather, record and interpret photographs and stories about the pool with the ultimate aim of creating a comprehensive and lasting multimedia archive for Jubilee Pool. This wonderful group of citizen researchers has begun investigating diverse aspects of the lido, from changing poolside fashions to the history of competitive swimming and water-polo at the pool, and how Penzance came to have such a remarkable lido? The group visited Cornwall Records Office in July and enjoyed in introduction to their extensive archive of council minutes, maps and photographs, all adding to our understanding of the pool's place in Penzance' social history. Some of the group's initial research will be included in the project's first exhibition at the Exchange Gallery this summer. Many thanks to the Hypatia Trust for the use of their lovely rooms for regular group meetings.

Angie Butler and the Jubilee Pool research group