Jubilee Pool with raft

Jubilee Pool with raft
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1937 (approx)

Jubilee Pool with the diving platform and raft. The background shows St Mary's Church and to the left of it the Yacht Inn, and to the right, Taylors Garage.

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Looks like the springboard is missing, I was a regular there in the 60s and remember the raft but it didn’t have what look like benches on it then, just a diving board that you climbed up and a few steps to. So I’d say this was the 40s/50s.


The pool was just called Bathing Pool. It was written on the white wall seen from the Queens Hotel end of the prom.
I remember the raft a lot nearer to the middle of the pool, used to swim out to it all the time. A season ticket made sure our summer was always spent swimming!

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